Chimney Repair

While brick and stone chimneys are nearly maintenance free the mortar that holds the materials together can deteriorate over time. Our harsh Wisconsin weather can weaken mortar joins making your chimney vulnerable to leaks. If water gets behind the brick because of cracks you may start to see water damage inside your home. Tuck pointing is the process of removing loose or damaged mortar joints and replacing it with new mortar. 

In addition to the mortar mix, waterproofing sealants can be added to the mortar to help repel water. If repairs need to be done to the chimney's concrete cap having an overhang helps to keep running water away from the masonry.

There are instances where tuck pointing alone will not be enough. Where bricks are spalling or cracked we will replace the bricks. If there is significant mortar deterioration in addition to broken or missing brick, the chimney may need to be rebuilt. See some recent examples of the work we've done on chimneys in the Milwaukee area. We're happy to look at your chimney and let you know what work might be needed.

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