Brick and block repair

Brick homes are low maintenance and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You may notice spalling or cracks in the brick on your home's exterior. The settling of your home and exposure the the elements can weaken mortar joins requiring tuck pointing. The masonry contractors at TK Mason can repair or replace your brick and block wall, window sill, walkway, porch or decorative pillars.

Above windows and doors steel or cement lintels are placed to bear the weight of the masonry overhead. Over time rust can appear and you may notice sagging lintels.We can slow the further rusting of lintels by removing the rust followed by the application of a primer and paint. Once the structural integrity of the steel is no longer in tact, however, lintels need to be replaced. This involves removing a few courses of brick above the door or window, replacing the lintel and resetting the brick.We also install flashing and water weeps so that drainage can occur minimizing the possibility of water getting into your home.

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